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Volunteer with Us!

Discover the rewards of giving back and make a difference in the lives of animals by volunteering at Bee Wings & Fuzzy Things Farm.

Fill out the form below and we will be in touch soon about Volunteering with us!
Preferred method of contact?
Are you currently in 4H or FFA?
Are you over 18? (If not, a parent or guardian will have to sign a permission form before volunteering).

Thanks for registering. We we be in touch soon!

Interested in Farm Sitting?

We need help! 

Sometimes we need help at the farm while we are away. Would you like to be on "the list" to help babysit? 

Click Here
to download the farm sitting form.

Can't Volunteer? Sponsor an animal!

Sponsoring an animal helps cover food, medications, bedding, and vet visits. Choose an animal that you would like to support and be a sponsor! They will love you for it!

The Goat Gang

Up For Adoption

RT & Crusoe

The Alpacas

Don't worry, they don't spit :).



Daisy is learning how to hunt and keep those mice away from the property....she recognizes that we have enough moochers here!


Back Office

Echo the Gecko is our shy employee and rarely comes out to talk but she’s excellent at providing education and cuddles in your hoodie pocket!

Gus and Charlotte


The Magician

Merlin, the ram, is our newest fuzzy friend. His main job (though he thinks it's to butt you out of his house) is to show us his magic and pull a lamb out of his hat!


Grounds Aerator

Meet Hazel, one of our newest resident at the animal sanctuary!


Part Timer (Joy Spreader)

Meet Zaylee! She is our part time help and her main job is just to provide smiles to everyone who visits….careful, she can’t control her licker.

Hazel, Stella and Willow Grace

The Piggly Wiggly's

The Hens

The Hard Workers

These are the original employees who ran the place before we got here and I have named them Ginger (all red), Henrietta (black) and Cinnamon (lighter red). They have their own employees and so that makes them the Mother Cluckers!


Deputy Digger

The Farm's Wireless Doorbell

Freida (Freedom)

Temp. (coffee runner)

Next is our newest employee….Freedom AKA Freeda. Freeda is a temporary hire and she is the practice horse until we get actual horses on the property.

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