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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of animals do you have at the farm?
    We currently have the following animals outside: Sheep, chickens, alpaca, mini goats, kunekune pigs, potbelly pigs, and juliana pigs.
  • Are the farm tours and educational opportunities available for all ages?
    Yes! All ages can benefit from visiting the farm. Please contact the farm to have a tailor made visit and visit the field trips page for more information on the children’s fun trips.
  • How can I volunteer at the farm?
    We can always use volunteers at the farm. Please see our volunteer page and complete the form.
  • Are there any restrictions or requirements for visiting the farm?
    Please wear old clothes and shoes as the farm is a working farm and animals can make messes.
  • Are there any additional experiences or activities available for visitors?
    We can always put our heads together and create a fun experience at the farm. We will occasionally have special events so please follow our Facebook page for updates.
  • Are there any facilities for picnics or special events?
    Yes! We have multiple areas for picnics or can pull the tables together for a larger group for a picnic. You can picnic with a pig, pack your luck with an alpaca and other options to dine with the animals. Please pack a lunch for your group and we can take care of the rest!
  • Are there any special accommodations for people with disabilities or special needs?
    We try and accommodate all visitors to the farm. Please contact us for specific needs. Currently, most areas on the farm is accessible by gravel or grass. Port-a-potties will be available for restrooms.
  • What are the hours of operation for the farm?
    We do not have regular hours so every visit will be on as a request only or special events that will be planned in advance.
  • What is the cost of admission for the farm?
    Each event will be a different cost to visitors. Please see our page on field trips for school tours and visits. The cost for tailored events will be discussed. Special events will each have it’s own cost and we will have a few FREE events throughout the season.
  • Are dogs and other pets allowed on the farm?
    At this time we do not allow other pets to visit as we want to ensure all animals are safe and friendly at the farm. Service dogs are always welcome. Please note we do own several dogs who are talkative but very friendly to everyone.
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