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Bee Wings & Fuzzy Things

Our Story

How we started and where we are going!

Bryan is a 22-year retired Navy veteran who now owns and operates his own trucking company. Tory has been working in education for 25+ years, providing therapy for young children. In 2020, they decided to pursue their shared love of animals by starting an alpaca farm. They researched alpacas and volunteered at a farm in Indiana to learn more. They then expanded the idea to include other animals in need of a safe haven.


Tory has a long history of rescuing dogs, often taking in those that others have rejected, including dogs with special needs and lifelong medical needs.

In November 2022, they moved to their farm to expand their operations, and quickly acquired 16 hens, 2 turkeys, 3 sheep, and 3 barn cats. Tory and Bryan both have attending Bee Keeping School and will soon add honey production to the farm.

Bee Wings & Fuzzy Things is a TWO-PART farm: we have the "Fiber Farm" that includes the sheep and alpaca. We raise and breed Alpaca and Sheep for their fiber as well as their meat. The other part includes all the fuzzy friends we have rescued or have had surrendered to us. The farm currently houses around 80 animals! 

We welcome visitors to our farm for educational opportunities!

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Bee Wings & Fuzzy Things is located in the picturesque countryside of East Central Indiana, nestled on 5 acres of farmland in Deerfield. Conveniently situated just two miles east of the State Road 28/27 intersection, our farm is surrounded by hundreds of acres of lush fields. Our property comprises of approximately 3 acres of pasture and we are in the process of expanding our fenced-in areas to provide separate homes for animals. We will be adding shelters and water sources shortly after the fences are in place. Our farm also features a large garden and several dedicated areas for planting fruit trees, bushes, and wildflowers, to provide nourishment for our winged friends.

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