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Darwin eats fresh greens every day, once a week he has a food high in protein: shrimp, chicken, turkey. He also loves blueberries, grapes, mushrooms, and he gets calcium powder and tortoise pellets to help make sure he gets all the vitamins needed. He also gets fresh bedding every few months and when the weather warms up he will get an outdoor enclosure to play outside. He also LOVES hibiscus flowers and hasta leaves. Darwin enjoys free roaming with all the dogs inside on cold days.

Fun fact: Tortoises cannot swim, but they love to soak in shallow pools or puddles, that's how they get their hydrations is soaking. Darwin is a Red Footed tortoise and they like hot humid environments. They can also hibernate if they get too cold. It doesn't hurt them them and some tortoise owners even put their tortoises in the refrigerator during the cold months to let them hibernate all season until it's warm enough outside.

Darwin was owned by a friend of mine and they had life changes that allowed them to pass Darwin on to us. He is about 12 years old and will live to be around 90!

Did you know sponsoring me will help cover food, medications, bedding, vet visits?

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